Why Choose Better Beauty

Why switch to better beauty

Hi, friends! As you know through talking with me and following me on social media I have been making changes to lead a more conscious lifestyle: mind, body and spirit. Though I have always been conscious about what I eat and feed my family I haven’t always paid attention to what I am doing for the largest organ, the skin. Quite frankly, I thought I was doing right by purchasing what was marketed on the shelves and using nearly every “safe” option out there, but I wasn’t. I now know the proper “term” for what led me to be both a critic and cynic of the personal care industry is called, Greenwashing. Greenwash – verb: the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service. Ultimately, I was ready to stop washing, hydrating, protecting and taking care of my skin. I told my husband and my girlfriends that I was going to become the crunchy, deodorant free and shampoo free mom they all thought I could become. That is when I was introduced to a company whose mission is simply getting safe products into the hands of families and taking the tedious guess work out of label reading while being affordably priced at or below department stores.

Beautycounter is 100% transparent with all of its products with each product undergoing the most advanced screening process in the US. Beautycounter is NOT formulating with over 1,500 known toxins, hormone disruptors, irritants and chemicals. Each product is carefully screened for its safety on you, your spouse and children. The most exciting part of all of this to me is that these products PERFORM like I have always wanted for myself and family. They provided sun protection, hydration and a concealed airbrushed finish. For the days when I want the “dewy skin” look these products give me that while protecting my skin.

Beautycounter is two years old and is growing daily it has much to be proud of such as, it is a certified B corporation, B Corporations must meet rigorous standards in social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Today, there are only around 1,400 certified B Corporations in the world such as Beautycounter, Patagonia, Seventh Generation, Plum Organics and Etsy.

It should be our goal to get transparent, clean and safe products onto the shelves of our favorite stores. Until then, the best way for you to join the movement is to 1.) contact your local representative and ask them to push for stricter laws to govern the personal care industry and 2.) purchase safe and better products for your family. Find out more at www.beautycounter.com/coreymosier

Why Choose Better Beauty

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Why Choose Better Beauty

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